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Fluval canister filter owners - top tip

Mr T

24 Nov 2009
Nr Wroxham, Norfolk
Just did some maintenance on one of my Fluval 305 canister filters. I needed to change some of the foam pads as they where particularly old and clogged. Now Fluval 205 / 305 foam comes as a twin pack and is about £8 at my local stores. However I noticed that these same shops sell Fluval 4 plus pads which come as a pack of four for the same price. The Fluval 4 plus pads are about 1/2 cm too wide and 1 cm too long, but the foam itself is the same density / consistency. Needless to say I bought the 4 plus ones and after a minute or two with some sharp scissors I'd saved £8. Not a bad saving I reckon! 😀