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Discussion in 'CO2Art' started by EmannAquarium, 29 Nov 2017.

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    25 Jan 2012
    As pointed out you will not really be able to achieve balanced flow to two diffusers via a splitter. The CO2 will take the path of least resistance and one CO2 diffuser will dominate the flow.

    You need to split the flow before two needle valves so you can balance the flow to each diffuser individually, as below. Two bubble counters as well so you can see the rate to each diffuser.

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    I remember this drawing:), still wonder which fish you keep in your bubblecounter:D
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    22 Sep 2014
    This is how I've split my co2

    I split the line after the main/master needle valve. I then have an inline needle valve before a bubble counter that goes to a reactor. This valve is almost closed. The clear co2 line goes to an in-tank diffuser. The diffuser requires a lot more pressure, that's why the valve before the reactor is almost closed, it creates some back pressure to push the co2 through the diffusers ceramic disc. I'll add a bubble counter to the diffuser line soon. It's not a perfect set up, but it gets the job done.

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  4. EmannAquarium

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    6 Feb 2017
    so...a wkend of adjustments...have rotated the spray bars more downwards and reduced even further surface agitation....also ordered a medium level pH pen...about €45 ..should arrive by end of this wk I hope. I adjusted CO2 lines to be the same length from cylinder to diffusers....opened both valves of splitter full and monitored for two days...saturday long time for a change in pH again...sunday increased a bit more injection rate and at last it happened...1pH drop in approx 1hr 45 min and at lights off DC very light green.

    most of the fish seemed fine except for the rainbow fish which were at the surface at about the 4 hr mark from co2 on....however they ate normally and did not seem sick....i also read here that fish will need a number of days to acclimatize albeit constant monitoring is required.

    the link below is the setup of my splitter...hope with this you can advise more...co2 art have splitters with bubble counters but at the moment no more budgets for this and would like to optimise with what I have.


    tks for advise.

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