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Fish suggestions for 30l fluval flora

Matt Warner

25 Jul 2011
Hi all, can anyone suggest suitable fish for a fluval flora tank. The tank is 30l. Is this size tank not really suitable for fish or am I better off getting some shrimp. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Betta? I have one in a 30L at the moment and its a pretty good size for just him and his nerite :)

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Galaxy rasboras maybe? :)
A dwarf puffer sounds like it could definitely be an option. Has anyone any experience with them.
Ahh, didn't realise you were only after a single fish.. dwarf puffer sounds like a good option
I'm not really too fussed but I've always wanted a puffer but didn't realise you could get a dwarf variety. I always thought they grew really big for some reason!
I've got 2 in a 40L and 1 in a shudder 25L fluval chi. Great little fish, loads of personality and they love a planted tank.
Don't know what the filtration is like in one of those tanks, but just to warn you, for such a titchy fish they don't half make an enormous mess! So the filters got to be up to it :)

They are incredibly cute :) I used to keep one in a converted biorb.

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I don't think they are too messy. No more flake food is great for reducing mess and an oto or two should keep spare BW to a minimum. I've also managed to keep a smallish cherry shrimp colony going with them which are great for keeping the plants clean. Definately worth some thought.
I will have a look at a few shops on the weekend and I may get a dwarf puffer if I can find one.