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First Tank - Critique welcome + What to add next

Dominik K

14 Jun 2021
Hi All

Here is my scape:


Flooded 4 days ago. Been growing it using DSM.
Plant consist of Eleocharis Mini in the majority of foreground, and Lilaeopsis brasiliensis in the back with Java Moss and Riccardia chamedryfolia and java moss on the rocks.

I'm going for a Iwagumi style tank. I didn't strictly follow the 3 stone rule and I'm not sure it works...
Its extremely hard to find good hardscapes around here. I had to drive for an hour to get decent sized rocks... :(

From my side -
I'm not sure the java fern and other mosses work in the fissures or if I've gone overboard.
Maybe once it grows out it will look better. Maybe some other plants would work better ?

Will probably add some Salvinia. In a ring to take care of some of the top light. But need to mull it over and figure out the best way to do it.

What do people think? What could be done better?

Although its an iwagumi I think i could see some more plants.
Not sure what I could add? Am considering some Blyxa Japonica but I think it might be too similar to the Lilaeopsis so not really sure what else I could have.. I do have very hard water which I need to consider.