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Fire Red Cherry shrimplets..

22 Mar 2012
Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK
Anyone interested in some of these if I was to sell on forum?
They are only small yet, and not grade able but have come from Fire Red Parents.

Se pic below;


Deepest apologies for iPhone camera :lol:

Would £2 a pop be unreasonable?


Hey rolex,

Thanks for the Eleocharis, all planted up looking well.

Yeah I wouldn't know how much postage will be yet, Will need to get some small poly boxes off the bay possibly?
Bear with me and I will try look into it :)

Very nice, good colour in the offspring. Is that fluval stratum you're using?
Sentral said:
Very nice, good colour in the offspring. Is that fluval stratum you're using?

Thanks very much, No sir that is Ebi Gold Shrimpsoil. Apparently the best for shrimp keeping :)

Well the shrimp I bought of ebay recently came in a fish bag in a cardboard box with shredded newspaper around, via first class, any they were all fine, no casualties. Yes shrimp looks amazing compared to my RCS, so does this mean all the young should be as good quality??? I am going to pick up some Caridina Simoni Simoni on Tuesday, can't wait!
Freshwatershrimp.co.uk sell ebi gold, very overpriced though! Shame the uk is so far behind when it comes to shrimp!

Ive bought from 2 places in the past,

I belive aquamoos.com (its german but a bit o clicking about and youll get there!)
Or more recently aquatic-plant-enthusiasts stock it on ebay at a better rate.

Works out about £26 (5kg) delivered from aquamoos.com (Germany)
Or about £25 from ebay.

If you need a larger amount, go aquamoos, because once the shipping costs are out the way its a lot cheaper!
Hope this makes sense :)

easerthegeezer said:
hey whitey, would love some now but need to get my crs sorted first. Dibs on the next batch mate :thumbup:

Hey iain,

I know i had a couple spare for you,
Will hold them and will sort You some next time!
no worrys bud :D
Hey all,

Thanks for your interest, but i have now received payment for all 30
Shrimps from basil.
I initially only opened to find out if anyone was interested,
so next time I will know!

Will post when more available,