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Filter Review Sticky?


29 Jan 2008

Could we create a filter sticky?
Say for example standard tank sizes 30cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm etc.
We've had a lot of people asking for lots of suggested filters.

I don't mind creating if someone could then create the sticky?
The idea would be that the first post could be a summary with people posting updates to the first post below it?

I think this is a good idea. There could be some kind of rating system too (e.g. five points being excellent, one being poor).
It's a good idea IMO Clark, if you draft one up then we can see how it goes. It'll need to be carefully moderated to prevent it being a place to slate a filter or a manufacturer, some times a filter deserves a slating but we all know that what works for one doesn't always work for another and this needs to be reflected in the review. The mods and members will have to work together, for instance - If someone buys an eheim 2128 and their heating element breaks and the prime gets sticky, this doesn't deserve a one star because there are hundreds of people who run them flawlessly for years so it's unfair for one person to slam the manufacturer on the basis of "their" filter wasn't great.
perhaps any possible star rating could be on it's specifications more than the users own personal view. For instance Flow rates, included equipment (some don't come with media), power consumption etc?

Even then, it gets a bit difficult. Comparing similar products might be the way to go, as a Fulval 105 might have a small flow rate compared to an Eheim 2217, but it's perfect for a Nano whereas the 2217 isn't necessarily...

Maybe it could be split into filters ideal for 20 - 50 litres, filters for 50 - 100 litres etc, and then compare similar sized filters in those areas...
We just need to decide on the fields to complete and then we could create a downloaded spreadsheet with the results.

Recommended tank size:
Easy of use:
Personal review:

People could review all their filters!