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Filter Recommendations, Please.

Dave Spencer

3 Jul 2007
N. Wales
After a series of disasters setting up a 120l Juwel Lido, I am on the verge of knocking this hobby on the head. Anyway, three leaking filters and one broken CO2 regulator, I am hanging on in hope that someone could recommend a filter for me.

It has to have 16mm ID fittings, and not be a Tetratec EX1200 :thumbdown: . I am looking for something around 1200l/min, or above.

Cheers, Dave.
Jbl e1500. I love my tetra filter if I'm honest. Had an issue with a ex700 but that was soon sorted.
The supafish filters from plantedbox are exceptional, pm saintly or james for details.
Cheers, Garuf. I loved my two Tetratec EX1200s up until this week. They just seem to be inventing new ways to leak at the moment. The JBL is my favourite from my searching, so far.

Zooplus, £80.
Email tetra, I got sent a lovely new ex700 FOC!
Do you have their email address Garuf? I have a few quids worth of their filters that are currently just scrap.

I thought it was the seal on the motor, but having swapped motors, it was on the canister. Neither motor with either canister seals. I only got about one years use from either, when I had them running on my 240l. Unfortunately, I bought them over two years ago, so I doubt whether I will be able to get things soretd out.

Dave Spencer said:
Cheers, Garuf. I loved my two Tetratec EX1200s up until this week. They just seem to be inventing new ways to leak at the moment.

Ditto. 2 years of trouble free use from an ex1200. Now I am scared to open it up because the chances are it will leak afterwards. They do have a 3 yr warantee like Gareth says, so I will be contacting customer support in the near future, just need to find my receipt first...
I have 2 Tetra tec ex1200 one has been fine the other has played up recently with leaking it flooded my carpet and damaged my cabinet, however the Tetratec customer service are pretty good. Having said that I have two Fluval Fx5s and an Eheim 2080 and they have not given me problems yet. All these filters are about 2 years old.

Eheim 2080 uses 16mm tubing but is much moola!
Thanks for all the help, guys. I`ll get in touch with Tetratec Garuf. Thanks for the info.

I think George`s option wins the day for me.

I would highly recommend a JBL external filter.I have had mine for 7 months not and I have not had any problems what so ever.
I have two Aquaone cf1200's and if they are anything to go buy then he build quality is exceptional hasn't leaked in the 3 years that I have had it. Mine is quieter than any of the Eheims I've had in the past but only have them to compare with. When one of the taps got a bit stiff, i rang them up and they send me 2 replacements so the customer care seems to be good. The new ones seem to have the added advantage of a primer. Plus a 4 year warranty. Just my two pence :lol:
I'd part with £10 more and have an extra 300lph myself. Your call though 🙂
The 1500e from zooplus. There are codes for 10% of if you sign up for the mailing list.