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Filter pipe cleaning brushes


3 Sep 2010
Barnstaple, Devon
Ive got the eheim ones which are good but the bristles just arnt stiff enough for some stubborn schlimsh in the pipes. Does anyone know of any stiffer bristled ones?
i found it easier to just replace the hoses once they get really bad, only costs a couple of quid a time.
RudeDogg1 said:
Lol that's abit wasteful specially when they need cleaning every 4-6 weeks on my tank anyway

Rudedogg i use drain cleaners for showers and plug holes and such there stiff and clean the pipes well. Think i got them from Asda.
i tie what ever is under the kitchen sink (piece of sponge, bit of plastic cleaning pad, part of a j cloth) to the end of a piece of washing line ( will never snap) and pull it through a couple of times.
I use the eheim one, but it was rubbish. I found the thin wire a bit weak and annoying to push around the u bend of my lily pipes.
I found an old wire, cut the plug off, then with the wire inside I managed quite easily to put the eheim brushes on the end.
I have tried several and found marina ones the best for cleaning lilies. Eheim metal one is good for 13mm hoses.
I use some twine with a screw tied to one end for weight to get the twine through the other end of the pipe. At the other end I tie a wad of sponge that fits through the tube tightly. I just pull this through the pipe a couple of times under the tap.
RudeDogg1 said:
Is that a chemical or a brush?

Brush mate its got a brush on the end of plastic coated wire thats pretty sterdy but bendy at the same time its used to get hair and nasty stuff like that out of your plug holes lol.