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Feeding problem


6 Apr 2018
in my 260litre community tank I have 3adult yo yo loaches and 5bronze corries that are fed catfish pellets plus frozen food at night ,I think the yo-yos are eating the pellets and the corries may not be getting enough,what would you consider enough pellets to feed both yo-yos and corries without over feeding them and causing water problems ,and best pellets for both thank you.
what happens when you feed them?

I need to make sure that when I feed I put in sufficient to fall past the middle feeders to the base, s9 that my corys can earl. I do that by putting different foods in in different locations. For the surface and middle feeders first and the pellets for the corys.
Those tablets what you stick to Glass like Tetras Funtips placed a few cm about the substrate ensure Corys get their share, they attract all the fish but as it powders off l find the Corydoras have good access ,another Tetra one Wafer Mix the tablets are small and there is a mix of algae and shrimp mix.Less likely to overfeed, @hypnogogia distraction feeding works for me as well