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Fake or true ?


13 Jun 2010
One seller in Ebay sell ferts - IDHA chelated. I bought one bottle super micro diluted to same concentration as TPN and color looks exactly same with EDTA chelated mix diluted in same concentration. :D
Bottles look custom make, no any labels e.g.
I just found info in net about diferent chelates have different color.
Also i found info about idha used in hydroponic and agricultural, better biodegradable.

What do You think Guys - this seller sells fake IDHA ?
And if true IDHA is it good for planted tank ?
I can not say if there is difference in color between EDTA and IDHA but if you bought this fert mix from polish guy on ebay than it is very likely that IDHA chelator is used, as it is probably made from Intermag chelated mikros, which are used by polish aquarists from years for ferts mixing. Many of these micros are now available in UK ie http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Chelated-IRON-3-I ... 27b25ee70c

EDTA is probably better chelator than IDHA in tank enviroment.
I know that Intermag changed chelators in few products recently from IDHA to EDTA and maybe that is a reason of different color of solution.

Next time just buy this stuff viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10281 which is much better. It has HEEDTA chelators, the same as Tropica ferts, and it has very similar composition, is just much more concentrated.
Thanks for link, i found ther good recipe ;)
Yes this is HEEDTA product from Ebay what i bought,diluted same as TPN and in same color as EDTA in same concentration.
At this stage i don't see any improvment in plant growth compare with EDTA, but will look further :).

MIKRO PLUS Plant Fertilizer 100ml

very efficient concentrate

Contains iron and other important trace elements:

Boron (B) - 2,8 g/l

Copper (Cu) - 1,5 g/l

Iron (Fe) - 24,0 g/l

Manganese (Mn) - 10,0 g/l

Molybdenum (Mo) - 0,6 g/l

Zinc (Zn) - 3,5 g/l

Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn - HEEDTA chelated

Free from nitrates and phosphates.
At this stage i don't see any improvment in plant growth compare with EDTA, but will look further :) .

I think you will see better improvement in plant growth using adjusted dosing rather than using similar product but with different chelator. Maybe you are dosing just not enough if plants doing not well and have micro defficiency symptoms.

If its a HEEDTA chelator that you specifically require why not get some from Peter Haak, the info is on James website here:-


I've been using it for a while now and its very good. I never get that clouding of the water that I used to get with the EDTA chelator from AE that I was using, which I believe is a reaction with the phosphates in the water. My plants seem to respond well to it.

There is a link to the Peter Haak website on James's site and you can approach the guy as I found him to be very amenable and it cost about £20 for half a litre of the Haak micro+pro FE trace mix delivered if memory serves me right.

You may have to translate his web page but Peter is quite fluent in English if you email him and comes over as a really nice guy.

Regards, Chris.