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External Filter For 240L Fluval Rio


18 May 2020

Can anyone recommend a good filter for the 240L Rio? Budget is 200-300 if needed.

It needs to fit inside the cabinet. I was going to get the FX6 but theres no chance it will go in!

Other than that id like an Eheim as i hear a lot of good things about them but have no idea which.

Id like to be able to have a spray bar along the length of the tank for the CO2 distribution so need an output suitable.

Currently have the Fluval 306 and a JBL E1501. My plan would be to keep one to run the uv steriliser as the output can be adjusted to suit.

Thanks 😘
Hi, the fx6 has a height of 54cm, with your cabinet being 72cm inside. Have you checked to see whether it will fit? With some work with the piping. As it is a powerhouse of a filter
I can cut the shelf to get the height, its the width thats the problem as the door is around 40cm. Although on amazon someone said they got one to fit so maybe the dimensions include the pump?

Can anyone measure for me, would love an fx6?

Conor, i cant see that link :(

Circumference is approx 30cm with 10cm extra on one side for the motor.
That's settled then, will order one! Need to trim the shelf at the back.

@Conort2 thanks for the tip, if the FX6 wouldnt fit I'd go for one of them.

The question is, which do I keep using, the jbl e1501 or Fluval 306?

Or do I just use the FX6 and t pipe the uv sterilizer from the outlet with a separate feed to the tank