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Extending the life of aquarium seals


20 Jul 2020
Hi all,

I have a new-in-box Roma 240 in the garage, it's been sat in the garage ( which maintains around 10-20 degrees year round) for around 5 years now. I don't really have the energy to set this tank up at the moment, but I'm beginning to wonder if when I eventually get around to setting up the tanks, the seals might have dried out/degraded to the point where I get a leak. I was wondering if wiping some silicone oil over the seals might extend their life? Or is it just a 'wait and see' situation?
I opened this thread as I literally thought you were trying to keep seals in an aquarium...sorry I have nothing of use to add.


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I would just leave and maybe test with water before you set up. Plenty of new aquariums stand on display for a long time, at retail,if your concerned email Fluval they are helpful
Should use silicone oil on the seals, not petroleum based products, Vaseline etc as this will degrade the seals. I used push fit plumbing silicone oil from Wickes.
I have silicone grease, and a couple of stored rimless tanks. Would the grease, rather than oil, be a suitable substance to protect the seals?

Also, one of my tanks came from the builder/manufacturer wrapped in some kind of heavy duty cling film or shrink wrap, which has never been removed, and the tank has never been used. There are no visible holes or tears. Is the wrap doing a job to protect the silicone seals from whatever might degrade them or is it better to remove the wrap and put silicone grease/oil on the seals instead?