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Evening All!


New Member
27 Nov 2022
Middle of the Marches

I'm just getting back into aquarium ownership after about a twelve year break. I'm in the process of setting up a planted South American themed community tank (300l Juwel Rio), but have in the meantime got a smaller set up on the go (145l Aqua one). The progress on the Rio is plodding along, I have the external filter (Oase Biomaster Thermo 600) and have gone for a Fluval Plant LED (46w) as I can retro fit it into the T5 tube mounts (I think the starter is fried on the existing unit - got the tank second hand).

Here's the Aqua One with the surviving plants from the 4ft Jungle bundle from Aquarium Gardens... (I've since managed to kill off the Vallis!)