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Emersed island, plant suggestions


16 Feb 2018

Going down a bit of a different path with my 400l set up. I’ve ripped out all the echinodorus bleheri and added some more drift wood with points emerging from the surface. I have then attached moss to these which will hopefully grow in their terrestrial form, I’ve used terra tape so it should stay nice and wet.

I’m also hoping for some decent emergent growth from stems. Does anyone have any recommendations? I already have a hygrophila pinnatifida which took it upon itself to grow out the tank and is doing very well. I have therefore ordered some more of that and also some pogostemon erectus which looks great in its terrestrial form and im sure I’ve seen it used emersed in a journal on here. I’ve also ordered some murdania kessak which definitely does better emersed. Does anyone have any other suggestions of what could be suitable? Tank is open topped and in a kitchen so not too sure how great the humidity is, however the hygrophila pinatifida is doing very well and isn’t crispy at all.