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Electricity blackout


28 Feb 2014
Solna, Sweden

We will have a blackout in the building today for 1.5 hours during some maintenance stuff. My normal planted aquarium will probably be ok, but what to do with the external filter?

Do I have a bucket full of dead bacterial mass causing problems if I do not do anything? How fast the bacteria approximately dies if the filter is shut down? Are there any tricks for a situation like this, keeping the filter masses moist in a plastic bag to ensure also enough oxygen etc.?
Wouldn't worry. One Xmas we had numerous power cuts, tripping the main 80mA breaker, whilst we were away. Came back to cold house and fish with no power & heating for 2 days odd. Tank was 18C odd. All ok once power returned.
For 1.5 hour probably not critical but the cut of oxygen to the external does have an effect for longer periods, not sure how long but as a prevention if you drain the water from the filter and leave it open while it's not running so the damp media has access to atmospheric oxygen.

But as ian says, not sure for 1.5 hour I'd bother doing anything.
Thanks. Naturally the maintenance guys cannot promise an exact duration with 100% certainty, so perhaps I should just take the safety precautions if the blackout lasts longer for some reason.
When I was doing 75% w/c once a week my filter would be off for 4-5 hours. Though I only really have a filter to keep the water clear and to keep the co2 and nutrients flowing. I'm pretty sure that Bacteria can and will survive long periods of non ideal conditions and will simply bounce back when conditions are ideal again.
When I have had a blackout I just pump the priming button a few times say 2-3 times an hour. Got through a 5 hr blackout ok