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EI ? PMDD ? All in One ? TPN+ ?


5 Jul 2011
OK, so I've been using a variety of bottled fertilisers for my tank (currently Ferropol weekly and Ferropol 24 daily), but am considering going down the "DIY" route for my fertilisers. I've spent quite a lot of time looking at various posts and websites (James' website is particularly useful), however I am no chemist, so this does feel a little bit like a black art to me !

My current thinking is I'm going to try the PMDD route firstly and see how that goes and then move to either EI or All in one if I can't get it to work. Is that the best approach, or would one of the other techniques be a better starting point ?


Ive been using James' All in one dosed daily via peristaltic pump for over a year and a half with great results. It took a bit of tweaking during initial set up to get the daily dose right, and I've had to increase it slightly as plants have flourished. I bought all the powders from one of the site sponsors and a cheapy set of electronic scales (about a fiver I think) off e-bay. I mix it up with RO but I'd imagine that tap water would also be fine. It really is easy to do, and far cheaper than an off the shelf option.
Thanks. I've decided to go down the EI route, and will keep a journal of my trials & tribulations !! I've made my first batch up using pure RO, and the macro dose went in tonight ... Fingers crossed !