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Ehem 2073 for 60L cube?


3 Aug 2012
Hello Everyone,

I woul very much appreciate some advice on a new external filter for my Dennerle 60L Cube.

Will be use solely go shrimps and is heavily planted (See Journal)

It's dimensions are 43cm tall - 38cm width and depth.

I was informed an my flow rate 150lph was inadequate which I understand.

I do not want the shrimps to be stressed out swimming against the rapids but there isn't much leaf movement down at the bottom or in general apart from the top 2-3 inches.

I was looking around studying various options but the Eheims always seem to be favoured (And it's green!)

I need it to be quiet as it will probably sit under my bed.

Was looking at the Eheim 2073 - It's £175 in the UK or I can get it from Amazon Germany for under £120 all in.

It's flow rate is strong but I may invest in Lilly pipes etc so that will diffuse it and I notice it has a flow adjuster lever so that would be great.

When I watched a YouTube video the intake and outtake seemed to be made up of sections so that would be handy given the tank size.

It seems to me to be a possibility I just wanted to run it past those who know :)

Any advice welcomed as usual.

Best wishes,

For such a heavily planted tank a spraybar would be much better and would give even flow across the tank. If you make it from acylic you can alter the hole sizes. Cascade is a uk company that make glass spraybars and inlet/outflows. I think Aquarium Plant Food stocks them.
Hi Lindy,

Thats great thanks so much for your help :)

They look really good and should be very handy to have.

Had a look at the filter it seems good but was curious about how I was going to handle the inlet / outlet pipes this glassware seems to be the best way.

Will probably buy the filter soon - It seems to me a layman to be about right for the tank.


A good filter is a great investment. I wanted filters which used less electricity so went for fluval and then the ecco range. I have the ecco130 on a 30cm cube.