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Eheim Professionel 3 2073


18 Jan 2010
i have just bought this filter at a very good price and would like to know if i could run this filter the same time as my UGF till it matures then do away with the UGF, how long do you think it would take to mature before i could run on its own

It would be a very wise idea to run it with your UG filter :thumbup: I would say 4-6 weeks until you could run it on its own but that varies.
Hi all
i have recieved the filter and its all up and running in my tank with the ugf
30 gal 30" x 20" x 15", this tank has a fitted hood and glass covers
pressure co2,glass diffuser drop checker lime green, (have orderd an in line diffuser,Boyu)
co2 with solinoid on 2hrs before lights start 2hrs before end
2 t8 tubes on for 8.5 hrs a day Changing to t5s
3 ml tpn+ every other day
6 amazon swords
4 dwarf hair grass
4 small vallis
i have 3 small angel,4 albino corys, 1 small beta shark, 2 chinnese algae eaters

i have the spray bar on the smallest side and seem to be getting plenty of flow around the tank, do i need an air pump with air stone

Hi freelanderuk
freelanderuk said:
do i need an air pump with air stone
You certainly wouldn't need one in a planted tank as it will drive off the CO2 into the atmosphere a lot quicker. Although some surface agitation, (created with your spray bars), is good, as long as it's not too severe.