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Eheim 2073


8 Mar 2009
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my one I have it running on my 200l tank along with a Tetratec EX600 since adding the 2073 the water is much clearer no dead spots and the fish are more active too.
I'll second that. I've got one. The only problem is no one stocks the foam inserts. I got my 2073 from Charterhouse. I emailed them in January - after spending about 500 quid with them over Christmas - and they said the foam would be in stock within a few weeks. They said they'd been too busy over Christmas. Last month I emailed again. They said the foam would be in stock within a week. Once again they said they'd been too busy over Christmas. This was the end of February. They still don't have it in stock.

In the end, I gave up on Charterhouse and bought some from ebay. The seller was Hydrobizz. I placed the order on a Saturday afternoon, and it arrived Monday morning.
Its not cheap I got mine for 126 quid which I thought was a barging my tank has never been clearer I am very happy with it.
I cleaned my 2073 out and I was amazed at how much detritus was in it and the flow had not dropped.
My one was fairly noisy for the first week but I knew that was the trapped air ect but now its silent.
Yea, mine is noisy for a few days after a clean. The prefilter seems to trap air. The noise is grating. Giving it a good thump seems to help.

It's a good filter, though. I like the combination of media. The water always looks sparkling.

The only thing I would urge caution about is the flow rate of the 2075. It's a bigger filter, true. But the pump has exactly the same power rating as the 2073. According to my admittedly limited understanding of filters, if you attach more baskets to the same filter, the flow will be reduced. Yet the specs claim the 2075 has a better flow than the 2073. It seems counterintuitive. Granted, it's just one extra basket of MechPro. Nevertheless.