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Easycarbo Short term fix or not?

They don't put any warnings on the label as by law they don't have to. Would you buy an aquarium product if it had these warnings which I've taken from the MSDS for aqueous glutaraldehyde?

From Wikipedia:
...the biocidal effect of glutaraldehyde kills most algae at concentrations of 0.5 - 5.0 ppm
Adverse reactions have been observed by some aquarists at these concentrations in some aquatic mosses, liverworts...

So it might kill mosses? That will put off a lot of people.. 🙂 LondonDragon for example..
They don't put any warnings on the label as by law they don't have to
There's something seriously wrong with that law 😡
LondonDragon said:
JamesC said:
Not that I'm aware of. CO2 is so much better than Excel, etc anyway.
Thanks James, since I started heavy dosing my tank again with EC I have noticed a few things.

- The blisters in my fingers have returned, was having an issue with this sometime ago, then it went quiet, then started with the EC and that came back just never even thought they could be related.
- Being an asthma sufferer in the past, I have noticed some breathing problems, again never thought it could be related, but been reading up on it and its a little scary, I know what I will be doing with the two bottles of EC I have when I get home.

Could be all a coincidence but I will book a doctor appointment and mention I have been exposed to this stuff and see what the doctor says. Been having some spells of dizziness also which the doctor have been puzzle about since all test we have done don't show any irregularities.

Time to go low tech on the tanks I think...

I have also developed what looks (and feels) like burns on the palms of my hands since using a liquid Carbon supplement (AE's aqua carbon).

I never considered that it could be connected with the carbon. However, after seeing this thread and also meeting up with a couple of members over the weekend and seeing similar on there hands I now strongly suspect it may be triggered by the liquid carbon. Needless to say I have stopped using it.
I'm experimenting with DIY co2 at the moment with a nano diffuser to back up my pressurised, I'm going to carry on with the liquid carbon cautiously until I get some good readings from my drop checker. Unfortunately my tank is very good at getting rid of co2 so I'm sort of stuck with it unless I splash out on a different filtration system.
Success with my home made DIY generator 🙂 Last two days have had good green co2 levels, Using a combination of both pressurised and diy I have more control over the co2, I'm using the diy as my main constantly running co2 then fine tuning it down with the pressurised. Soon as my levels get right I can turn down the pressurised until the ferment begins to slow then turn it back up until the diy gets going on a fresh batch.

My top tip is be very carefull with glass nano diffusers I had to buy two 😳 Now going to gradually wean the tank off Easycarbo and just get it out on special occasions or when I find myself with neither co2 due to lack of timing.