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Dwarf Puffer Paradise Nano...

My female nips the amanos antenna/feelers(whatever they are) sometimes. The amanos get pretty canny to it though and go into reverse at super speed. Small shrimp however I don't think would last. Think peck, peck, peck....
My female nips the amanos antenna/feelers(whatever they are) sometimes. The amanos get pretty canny to it though and go into reverse at super speed. Small shrimp however I don't think would last. Think peck, peck, peck....
2nd that

You could try though and if there is trouble ship them along into another tank 🙂

Lets see some more pics
Yes I have snails breeding in there as we speak but to be honest their not to bothered about the snails at all.. Nor the frozen food as it falls to the floor. When my feeder Cone arrives this should make feeding more fun 🙂
Get some live blood worm to get them going and then swap to frozen after they are feeding well. I find feeding tiny snails leaves less mess as larger snails get left with guts in the end of the shell and then rot. The tiny ones can be completely crushed and the remaining shell debris is spat out. They will get around to the snails, right now they are trying to look innocent.
You seem to know your stuff, which is one of the reasons ukaps is so good, so many people on here with different experiences..

On another note how do I tell what is female and what is male? I know there young so it's tough but are there went signs? I know Tim has had puffers for about 2 years and no much breeding so it must be hard but I wonder?

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Seem's to be the most difficult thing with dwarf puffers, even though feeding should be easy! Let's hope they appreciate your purchase of a feeding cone!
lets hope so! for £2.59 i cant complain, if it doesnt work then nothing really lost 🙂 will be good fun attaching it to the top of the tank to see them all coming out for often, this morning I saw three out at once! not seen that before 🙂
Just thought I would share a funny photo of some hygrophila polysperma I got through the post on friday.. it was so bad i kinda had to laugh.. there are no leaves on virtually all the stems lol, not even any in the box so the seller couldn't claim they fell off! there about half the size of a pen lol

2013-02-23 11.23.59Jack Dicker

I paid 5.50 for that lol, I emailed him and nothing. Some people ay!
That is poor mate you have a case for a refund no way is it worth what you paid for 5.50 you should get enough Hygrophila Polysperma to fill a 60L tank!Cheers mark
I know mate its pretty poor lol I emailed him and no reply or nothing so think I just have to take it on the chin, Ill wait till tomorrow to see if he replies..
1 good thing if you have anything growable(looks like it)it does grow fast and you get cuttings in no time.Be a bit carefull in your tank with it as is capable of getting out of control due to it's growth rate,regular trimming.It's a definate jungle plant!Cheers mark
yeah mate Ive grown this before in previous jungles and loved it. its great hen it starts to canope 🙂 the rotala I have in my tank is doing very well indeed. Ill get some more shots up today if I have time.
The male has irridescent wrinkles around/behind his eyes. He also has a dark 'keel' line running from chin to tail and when he's annoyed or wanting to breed this gets really dark. I also discovered when I tried to add some new puffers that when he is really angry he can flatten his body out until he is more coin shaped, presumably to look bigger. He would have killed the new, young puffers had I not removed them. I'll try and post a picture of him but he also doesn't like cameras.
Yes please ! Have you ever been successful in breeding? The now come it when I'm in the room and are more than happy to come to the front. 🙂 I would like a photo of you're puffers if u have any? Ill see if I can identify sexes later.

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Found these old ones.

This is the male, hopefully you can make out the wrinkles behind the eyes.


The one top left is the female, she can alter her background colour more.
Thanks alot, well at least now I know all 4 of mine are female ! I don't have any with out those spots. That's a shame. Ill see if I can swap one for a male maybe? Yours look lovely. How old and big are they?
The puffers have done the whole mating thing but as I've always had shrimp in with them I think they would eat any eggs produced. I've never tried to retrieve eggs as what would I do with more puffers? There is lots on breeding on the dwarf puffer web site. I wonder if mine have bred because there is only 2 so that has allowed the male to create a territory? Saying that, he tried to mate even in a wee holding tank so I don't think much puts him off...
I'm not sure, of the two new ones I got both were male but one had markings like my existing male and the other was spotty. I've had mine somewhere between 12-18 months. The male is a good inch at least(never tried to measure!) the female a bit smaller. The male is built like a tank, if anything around an inch could be described as such. I rehomed the 2 new males or you could have had one of them. A group of females is likely to be more tranquil tho.