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Dwarf Puffer Paradise Nano...


21 Jul 2012
Ashburton, Devon
This is my dwarf puffer jungle tank I have decided to make, I had this jungle tank on the end of my other 3 nano triptych project that you can find here: 3 Nano 'heterogeneous' Triptych - A fresh start | UK Aquatic Plant Society

I decided to strip the three tanks down and focus on one small project whilst at uni so decided to get something easy and fun.. The journal has started with photos from my triptych as this is how it was when I started setting it up. Tonight I will try to get some new photos up of its new place in my office. 🙂....

....I received all this from Ian holdich today.. Words can't express how thankful I am considering what I paid.. This has truly spurred me on to create 3 different scapes across the tanks.. Here are some photos of what arrived..




I'll work on a design and get it up asap.

OK here it is... Complete change to the far right tank.. I thought why not mix things up as suggested.. So here it is. Ignore the big dragon stone rock its merely weighing down the wood.. I'll remove it next week 🙂

DSC_0115[/ur]Jack Dicker

DSC_0118Jack Dicker

DSC_0125Jack Dicker

DSC_0124Jack Dicker

DSC_0124Jack Dicker

DSC_0128Jack Dicker

DSC_0129Jack Dicker

DSC_0136Jack Dicker

DSC_0135Jack Dicker

DSC_0137Jack Dicker

DSC_0138Jack Dicker

DSC_0140Jack Dicker

clearer photo this morning...

DSC_0152Jack Dicker

So.. that was when the jungle was still part of the triptych, after deciding to strip them all down my jungle tank is now in my office on its own, it actually looks pretty smart and works better on its own. Today I went out and bought 4 baby puffers, I spoke to a couple of people in there and they said I should be fine with 4. Im hoping their right.. if not my friends can always take some off my hands... I will get some proper shots of the set up tonight and put them up. I will be maybe updating this once a week as like my wabi kusa, so not as full on as usual. But still trying to stay on UKAPS as best I can.
Good mate your jungle nano will make a great home for the Dwarf Puffers they are great little fish i saw some this morning in my lfs in Verona,Italy.Good luck with the studies and hope you find some time for updates.Cheers mark
I kept then about 2-3yrs ago and don't recall them jumping at all. 🙂
Well that's good news.. I think I'll need to upgrade my filter when they are slightly bigger as I only have a shabby internal! It's got amazing flow though! I can pick up another eheim 2213 of Facebook pretty easy. I sold all my eheims with lily pipes so not got any now, I doubt I'll get lily pipes with this setup. I was going to speak to bartash and get him to knock me up a glass spraybar, that would be pretty cool. But this project was made so I didn't need to start tinkering with anything.. So far I'm finding that a little hard lol
How are you finding the puffers mate?
Their wicked little things mate 🙂 small and very young but great fish to watch, they hide most of the time but I guess there just settling in.. here are some photos 🙂 I also managed to fit my new LED light unit to the tank, its nowhere near as bright as my old t5 unit but I think I just need to get used to it.. It still looks pretty smart so Im hoping it will be ok. May just get another and have 2.. they were only £16.00

DSC_0219Jack Dicker

DSC_0218Jack Dicker

DSC_0215Jack Dicker

DSC_0208Jack Dicker

DSC_0202Jack Dicker

DSC_0200Jack Dicker

Hope you like them guys 🙂 Ill get some proper photos up of the light unit and the food im feeding etc tomorrow hopefully.
Cheers pal 🙂 looking forward to seeing them come out a little more, I ordered a heater for the first time in a couple years today.. I may not use it but thought I would keep it on standby, my temps are a stable 20-22 ish in the day and have only seen it drop to 19 in the middle of the night when I'm doing all nighters for uni deadlines so should be ok. Like I said, bought one to be safe 🙂
Nice shots of your Puffers Jack!Yes mate good thinking get a heater in there stops any variations of temperature.Tank is looking very clean.Cheers mark
Looks great mate love the setup, I really love nano setups as space is problem for me but hope one day to have nice large tank, love the little puffers do they just stay small ? Keep the pics coming over next few weeks mate to see progress

Cheers lads as usual, they are babies so will get bigger, I think they only get to about an inch max, maybe smaller, others can clarify. The aim for the future is to export this set up to a 450mm cube with tmc tile and a replica NA cabinet but no rush.. I bought one of those Fluval compact 25w heaters as they are only about 6" and a sleek black. I'm hoping to hide it behind the filter.. I also ordered 10 stems of hygrophilla polysperma rosanervig, I have always had great success with this so need a central focus point to elevate the centre in someway.

Question: does anyone know whether I can carry on dosing my tank? I have left it for a couple days whilst they settle but where do I stand on Fertz, LC & carbonated water ? It's not something I came across when reading up. ?

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Think you can safely say ferts and carbonated water should be fine as to LC i do not recall reading anything about these fish having a problem with this and a number of guys on the forum keep them.Maybe someone like Tim (who i think keeps them can confirm)Cheers mark
Thanks jack 🙂 I have used liquid carbon in their tank and ferts, not had any problems with them so should be fine mate, tanks looking good buddy, cool fish aren't they 🙂
Very cool indeed and for the price I paid I was very very happy! The Mrs thinks they are cool too which had never ever been said about my hobby. Ever. So good so far. 🙂

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