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Drilling holes for plants

Very nice. I like how the fibrous roots of the plants have made their way into the aquarium.
And the fish look so at home. All very natural looking.
Thanks @Tim Harrison , it is slowly getting there; the roots have really come on in the last month or so; all the plants took some effort to transition. The roots have come on so much I’m worried they’ll fill all available space.

It’s really nice to not have to worry about the complexities of plants under water 😅 but I do miss Bolbitis.
Worth updating, I don’t recommend using spagnjm moss in the holes, it rots. The rotting organic matter attracts flies, but also pollutes the water. So many flies, the house is a mortuary for flies.

I plan to remove as much of the moss as I can and replace with some clay balls, and then I’ll put some moss on top and just keep on top of it. It has to stay out of the dark warm water anyway.

There is a lot of algae in the tank, and as I’m using rain water and the wood was mostly presoaked; I am thinking rotting organic matter to be at fault.

Looks good from the top anyway.



Edit: I also replaced the front fern with a boggy fern, forgot it’s name 👍
So, we’re having flooring laid, and the chest of drawers are needed in another room and the tank is far too heavy to move without destroying it, so this tank is coming down.

A bit saddening, but it is what it is. As I want all the plants for the next tank (180x60x60 lxwxd) I’m planning to keep the tank running for some time, but it won’t look anything like it is today. Which is a shame as the tank found its feet.

Here are some pictures, hopefully this inspires someone else 👍

The tank looks like this for the most part, as said I really think it had started to take off:



I can’t imagine keeping a home aquarium now without this “raft” structure.

Dominant male:


I have permanent resident too:



Oh, and one of the carnivorous plants put out a runner?!


And, I have a lot of this Riccia stuff to give away:


Looking forward to putting everyone here into their forever home.
A lovely tank! The fish look great in there. But one question: what is a forever home?

Nothing scary I hope. Non-native speaker here..
A lovely tank! The fish look great in there. But one question: what is a forever home?

Nothing scary I hope. Non-native speaker here..

Thank you!

Permanent home, just means a really permanent home, in this case a tank 4 times larger, almost.

I’m planning on adding some pencils, otos and something a little bigger 😊