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Diapteron. Internet supplier

I think these refer to it

I recently bought from one of their eBay accounts some Killifish eggs.
To my relatively new to killifish perspective, under a microscope the eggs appeared infertile.
I decided rather than just judge them and leave negative feedback I'd go back and message them (including microscope image) to see whether I'd overlooked something being quite new or whether there was something they could do to improve my experience of the purchase.

Well I certainly was not ready for the reply that came, incredibly rude and insulting. Usually I find hobbyists selling on eBay to be polite and really helpful but certainly not this one.
When I tried to reply kept getting a notification that the message could not be sent so I'm fairly sure they have just blocked me as soon as they sent their horrible message.

I suppose the fact I can identify at least 5 eBay accounts as being theirs (others say 10+ accounts) should have set the warning bells going, no-one genuine needs 5 accounts all selling the same items


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