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Dennerle 30 litre nano


11 Oct 2009
Here is my initial hardscape for my nano dennerle tank. I’ve spent ages balancing the rocks, gluing them where necessary and filling in all the gaps to stop the soil getting through to the sand. Have temporarily filled it with water to see if any sloping soil rolls down/filters through gaps
. Success! Will drain it down again for planting.

Dennerle cube 30 litre
JBL co2 with solenoid and diffuser
Using and Old Eheim classic filter with glassware
Chihiros lighting
JBL soil
JBL Sansibar River sand
Dragon stone (lots of pieces!)

Would like some suggestions for plant species. Definitely want to use HC Cuba. Lots of pockets of soil to fill between stones for other species too.
Also, Maybe something interesting for the open bed to the right edge of the tank?
Will also add to small bits of rock to the foreground to reduce the stark boundary to the sand.
It is one of three tanks in a row, all v different styles.


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Can you give an update on these setups? I've just picked up a Dennerle 30l Nano Cube and I'm not sure what to do with it. I like both your cubes here. How is that reef in a 30L in terms of maintenance, time and cost?