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New Member
9 Jun 2024
London uk
Hi there,

I bought two of this fish tanks just wanted to see if you have any opinion on this. Unfortunately, one of them came broken. The other one silicon work is to my taste very bad so wanted to see if anybody have any experience with this and if this is acceptable. Should I be looking to restaurant this old? Is this normal?


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That's dire, definitely send it back. Just out of curiosity where did you purchase it?
There are more than a few alternatives on the market these days with decent silicone work.
Riverwood, can you name some please, I’m looking at AQUA ONE AQUASYS 90 if I manage to return this.

Waterbox Aqauriums have a flash sale on right now. You can get a 90cm for £374 with cabinet.

They seem to have a decent reputation (I’m relatively new to the hobby) price seems very good with free delivery. I thought about getting an AquAscaper but would be very disappointed if mine turned up in that condition.

Hope you get it sorted! 😊
Thanks, I’ll have to wait to see what they are going to do, it is very bad silicon work. Cabinets are quite good but I would prefer if it is the other way around. I didn’t like shop response this morning, this is what I was told by shop owner:
I will contact DD today and let them know that they need to collect it. Did they replace the broken one yet?
If you want ADA quality you will have to buy ADA or Oase tanks.
I'll let you know ow what DD say.
I own Fluval Roma 240 and silicone work is perfect and it cost me much less then this form D-D. I believe that this is badly done form them and it need to be replaced or repaired. I’m sure most of the people if not everyone would be disappointed with this.
When you read the description on the website it sounds like it is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Thanks for the link, they are saying that they will replace the tanks on Friday. So waiting to see how they going to do new ones.