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Cycling tank and algae


New Member
8 Mar 2022
Whitley Bay
Hi, I'm currently doing a fishless cycle. The water has been very clear until it started going cloudy the other day. Which I assume is a good thing when cycling? I tested the water on Saturday and I'm just starting to get nitrites and nitrates readings. So the cycle shouldn't be much longer. I test the ammonia daily and that's between 1.5 and 2ppm and has been like that for a while. So just waiting for that to drop. I have live plants (11 planted inc amazon swords and other easy growing plants.) Also some Salvinia and moss balls. I have a Fluval 240 with LED lights. They're set for 8 hours full light with sunrise/sunset either side. The room gets plenty of diffused daylight but the tank does not ever get any direct sunlight as it's at the back of the room across from the windows. Today I see that there's algae starting to grow and from what I can gather it's fuzz/hair algae. I was reading an article on here and it says to overdose easy carbo. I actually use easy carbo along with TNC Complete. I'll be going to TNC Light once the fish are in. So I just wanted to know if this algae is typical of cycling a tank? Do I need to worry/remove it? See pics attached. TIA.


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