Cyclic problem with pin holes and crypt melting


29 Aug 2010
Evening all

A while since I last posted been more of a lurker as my tank has been fine for some time until recently. So a few basics first for a 240L tank set up for last 7 years;

Temp 24.6
Filter Eiheim Thermo with sintered rings in all the trays.
Light 4 tube Arcadia T5's set to 2 on 8 hours all 4 for 3 hours.
CO2 1 bubble/sec fed into CO2 reactor full of sintered rings and fed into tank via spray bar
Circulation pump in tank running full time
Substrate ADA Amazonia to a 10-12cm depth
Planting red lotus lily (flowers regularly), many species of crypt, Java Fern, Ananubis spec, small foreground green plants.

Ferts Dry salt EI dosing fed alternate micro and macro every other day
Water changes every 14 days never miss 2/3 volume direct from the tap with the water here in Yorkshire been soft with minimal hardness which can't be bad as the Cardinal and Lemon Tetras have spawned esp after water changes. Fish stocking is high.

The scape has evolved through a minimal/rock/wood arrangement with just the usual carpets to its present jungle arrangement as I like fish too much!

Noticed that after the last few water changes the crypts develop pin holes and the leaves are dissolving apart from the Ballensia which is still rampant other plants fine. The middle ground now looks a quite poor from how it used to look. the rest of the plants are fine and apart from a bit of beard algae on some of the leave edges of the Anubis there is very little else to worry about.

I'd like to see the plants return to their previous best. Anyone any suggestions?

My only thought is perhaps the colder water from the tap at this time of year is the problem as the temp drops to 19c but the fish don't object but maybe the plants do or perhaps the substrate is burnt out?



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