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Plant Profile Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae

Scientific Name
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae
Botanical Name
Cryptocóryne crispátula var. balánsae (Gagnep.) N. Jacobsen
Cryptocoryne balansae Gagnep., Cryptocoryne kwangsiensis H.Li, Cryptocoryne longispatha Merr.
Major Group
Lucky to have that river
Sadly, I found out later that it is illegal to collect things from that river :confused:

Going to keep the one in the pic though as it started to melt and taking it back probably isn’t good idea.
@GHNelson Update: After asking locals and many people if it is allowed to collect Crypts or not, the answer is yes, since it was collected in the water way that is only passing through the national park area but not in the park itself.
However, if I want more of this Crypts, I would probably go buy it because it just feel wrong.

Also, is there any reasons why wild Crypt Balansae leaves are more crinkly and dark greenish than the one that sell in the store?
Hello everyone. I have planted this crypt (Dennerle vitro) 2-3 months ago and they are still short, max 20 sm. Any advise what can I do to promote growth?