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CRS photos, including babies


George Farmer

My CRS are breeding. I have about 30 babies. 🙂

Here's a few shots of the adults and their children.

Thanks mate. Yes, I think so. It's growing like the clappers in this tank. Non-CO2 as well, and virtually no ferts. 🙂
Great photos George.....I'd be as excited about my moss looking that good as I was about the shrimplets 🙂

Canon 50D with 100mm macro.

I think f/4, 1/160, ISO 1600 for most shots. I didn't use tripod, hence the fast shutter speed.

Thanks for that.
Fantastic quality for 1600!!!
I was about to trade up to a 7d (limited budget) but there are a lot of reviews which mention that it produces soft images. They can be sorted in PS but I would prefer them to come ok straight from the camera!