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Competition Win.

Dave Spencer

3 Jul 2007
N. Wales
I have just been told that I won the AEP "Power in a Picture" photography competition. AEP stands for Association of Electricity Producers. T

Anyway, I get to donate £1000 to a charity of my choice, I win a camera and two tickets to the FA Cup Final. I also get an expenses paid overnight stop in London with Alison to receive my award at the AEP AGM, plus a framed print of the picture.

Apparently, there will be some government ministers there, plus entertainment by some of the "Mock the Week" crew.

Woo hoo! :D

Congratulations buddy, that's great stuff :D

Lets have a look at the shot then.......
Well done Dave,its a nice feeling when your pics get chosen,any idea which charity you are going to choose,
No, but I am, registered and everything. ;)

Well done, look forward to seeing the shot!
Thanks for the words.

John, I shall be donating half to Cancer Reasearch UK (my mother has been through two cases of breast cancer), and arthritis reasearch UK (arthritis was the bane of Alison`s mum`s life.

The picture is one I have already posted here. I nearly didn`t send it, as it doesn`t particularly show the industry in a positive light. My thoughts were that they wanted wind turbines in green fields with lambs gambolling around. :lol:

It will be nice to get a framed print of it, but it isn`t something to put on the wall around the house. Maybe it will make the downstairs loo.

nry: TTIUWOP's! Am I getting old? I don`t know this one. :oops:


Dave Spencer said:
nry: TTIUWOP's! Am I getting old? I don`t know this one. :oops: Dave.


No Your Not Getting Old Anyone Can Make Up Acronyms. Just nobody can understand them 'til they're explained! lol
Sorry for the late reply. I have been away on a course for a few days.

George, this was one I already had, and have always been happy with, as it reflects the type of photography I like. I almost never entered it though, despite the fact that the image reflected the topic of the competition quite well...."power in a picture". I just felt the industry was looking for a "greener image", if you know what I mean.