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CO2Art Awards are back

Miroslav CO2Art

22 Mar 2023
United Kingdom
Hello all :),

Some of you might remember our competition of aquascapes few years back.

Well, we had a great time and we decided to have even more fun and reward you for your effort .

Therefore, if you want to show your work and win juicy prices at the same time please submit your aquascape for chance to win:
  1. $300 CO2Art store credit + Trimming tools kit + CO2Art T-shirt
  2. $100 CO2Art store credit + Trimming tools kit + CO2Art T-shirt
  3. Trimming tools kit + CO2Art T-shirt
How can I entry the competition?
Just submit your entry and that's it.

Who are the judges?
There are 7 judges in total. Where 6 of them are professional aquascapers and one humble CO2Art employee.

For how long and how often the competition will run?
You have 3 months to submit your aquascape.
The first competion already started few days back and the deadline is 1st of November.

Please do let me know if you have any questions regarding the competition either reply to this post / send me a PM or contact me directly on miroslav@co2art.eu.

Kind Regards