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CO2 injection into large aquarium reactors or diffusers ?


13 Mar 2021
I'm setting up a couple of large aquariums - well larger than i current have that i want to inject co2. Both aquariums will have sumps but the sumps are smallish containers interconnected. My original plan was to place reactors on the return with by possible by pass dependent on the recommended flow through the reactor (I can readily buy 24 inch tall reactors here: Co2 Diffusers/Reactors).

The first tank is going to be 120inches long 48 inches wide and 23 inches tall - my thought was 4 reactors (but i really don't know). The style will be similar to my 120 but with finer substrate either black or sand colour (i strongly dislike the current substrate in the aquarium). My target ph drop will be around 0.6 to 0.7; enough to allow the decent size Echinodorus and maybe a few smaller red plants but no high maint stem plants (the sort that have to be replanted over time) due to tank depth.

The 2nd aquarium will be 72 inches long 30 inches wide and 18 inches tall - my initial thought was 2 reactors but this is just a wild guess. This aquarium will have stuff like various species of nurii crypts, mermaid weed, and whatever i happen to throw in it. I don't have a good picture of my 40 but it will be pattern after that aquarium which is wall to wall plants.
The reason for this post is as follows: Is reactor the right solution; is my random guess of 4 on the large aquarium and 2 on the small one accurate and is there a max flow i should allow through the reactors ?

(the large tank will have 4 return pumps from the sump of approx 1000 gph each but i can put in y's to adjust flow through the reactor; the smaller tank will have 2 return pumps of approx 1000 gph each).

Thanks - oh one other thing in my view the fishes have priority so i rather have non optimal co2 injection (less) and not harm the fishes than maximize plant growth. As of right now (but this might change between now and when i set them up in may) both tanks will have ghl lights -the small one 2 LX7006 and the large one 5 LX 7004.