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Co2 external reactor ! It now or never


13 Jul 2016
Hello guys,

As the title says I am thinking of buying an external co2 reactor for the new tank.
Main reason is the mist from the inline difussers. I was never a fan of that mist and I had tried an external reactor at the past; no luck though.
It was a sera 1000 external reactor which I never succeeded to make it work. It was extremely noisy and I never achieved a green drop checker.
So I had to compromise with the inline difusser.

This time I am thinking of trying a new one and to be more specific the aquacare co2 reactor.

The greenaqua uses this one.
Anyway, it seems that it has a maximum flow of 400 l/h probably to give enough time for the co2 to be dissolved before the water returns in the tank.
My tank will be a 4ft so a second small filter to connect with the reactor will not be a bad idea in any terms.

That being said, what do you think? I am not into spending like 100 euros for nothing; once again.

Thank you 🙂