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Cleaning your Filter Pipes


I clean my pipes /filter unit every six weeks and I used the Ehiem cleaning brushes, my only grevience is that is more of a pull through action for cleaning, it can be used as push / pull for cleaning pipe if your pipes are short, if they are long it take a little bit longer to clean as you end up pulling the cleaner through the pipe and it does not remove all the dirt at one go.

N.B Its the best pipe cleaner I have found on the market at the moment for cleaning long pipes.

Every time I clean the media (monthly) I clean the filter inlets, outlets, hoses, external inline heater interior and hose connectors. Amazing how much flow is restricted by dirty hoses and connections.

It's a good habit to get into IMO and I'm well practiced now, so it doesn't take long.
i use the Eheim Flexible Cleaning Brush and these 🙂


Brush_____Diameter (mm/ inch)________Length (mm/inch)
A__________________10 / 0.39_______________92 / 3.62
B__________________20 / 0.78_______________92 / 3.62
C__________________15 / 0.5_______________185 / 7.28
D__________________20 / 0.78_______________330 / 13

Good Lord I've just cleaned mine, the flow had become noticeably restricted over the last week. I got enough out to grow some potatoes! Definitely to be done more often in future