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Cleaning external filter pipes?


17 Oct 2009
Anyone got any tips on how to?

My pipes are circa 1m long.

i use a fishing bomb (oval shaped) some fishing line (about 2m of it as long as its longer than the tubes) and a pipe cleaner (something like this http://smartshopbuy.com/images/Tools/cy ... rushes.jpg) tied to the other end.

Pour boiling water down the tubes first to loosen it, drop the bomb through to thread the tube and then just pull the pipe cleaner through using the fishing line.
There's probably easier/better ways of doing it but I had all the kit available in my fishing box so cost me nothing 🙂
Long piece of thick string with a screw at one end and a wad of sponge at the other. Just pull itthrough the pipe a few times under a running tap
Thanks for the tips.

Stupid question, but whats the best way to get the tubes off without water going everywhere? My filter is in the cabinet. In & out pipes can be locked off so the filter can be cleaned, so the water stays in the tube - is it a case of locking off pipes, get filter out of the way & unscrew the pipes over a bucket to catch all the water - OK, but am a little worried about potential for water spillage going near the electrics.......