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Chuffed to bits!!

Hi All,i paid £100 in 2007 for books 1,2, and 3,some of the best aquatic books i own,regards john.
I am the person who won book 1 on Ebay the other day for £15, having missed out on the one that sold for over £50!

Since buying it I have found 2 other copies at:

A & D Aquatic & Garden Centre
Unit 6, Churchbridge
West Midlands
B69 2AP

Tel: 0121 544 6794

I think they were about £24 each - so still a bargain price.

I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I take the plunge with my first planted tank - lots of questions to come from me in the future I'm sure.
LondonDragon said:
Thomas McMillan said:
If you give me the books, I have plenty of time! :lol:

Hey Thomas if you live nearby you can borrow mine if you like!

please send to: 123 thomastown...

:lol: nahh, its ok i'm gonna get one from the pets at home website that you kindly linked :D thanks anyway
Tourney said:
George Farmer said:
Tourney said:
Just put the kettle on, then it's off to the sofa for the evening for a good read ;)
I'm jealous too. I have the books but not the time!

Well my three kids are in bed and I don't have to get up for work until 4-30 in the morning so it's relaxation time ;)
Strewth. I thought I was up early at 0530!

Anyway, enjoy your relaxation time. I know what it's like with kids...