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Camera Suggestions

Its a great camera and I have the S90 when it first came out :(

After coming back from hong kong a few weeks back and playing with the S95 I am gutted I didnt wait lol.

However you have the money and you make the decisions. The only drawback for the S90 is that it doesnt (i think) do vids in 1080. Also it misses a few of the new "play" modes.
LOL! Im more than happy with my S90. Amazed with the simplicity they have managed to put in a small camera.
Superman said:
After another trial run, I'm going to get the TZ10.

Cheaper than I expected but looks good and the reviews suggest that it is or one of the best for holiday use.

I have a TZ7 and I am pretty happy with it, its not a DSLR but outside shots for holidays its pretty good and the video quality is excellent even on low light, indoor photos I am afraid without a flash most of them will come out pretty bad.

The TZ10 is very similar to the TZ7, just make sure you disable the GPS photo tagging or your battery will run out very fast, on a full charge expect around 400 photos, for holidays would recommend a spare battery.
I would take what Ken Rockwell says with a huge pinch of salt! :?