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Calling Coin Nerds!


11 Dec 2023
United Kingdom
Hello All,

This is REALLY off-topic - but it may stoke something in someone!

This was found within the family - we are unsure what this coin is, whether some junk or something else.

Does anyone have any ideas?!



Cool puzzle! The first side looks something to do with royalty - king & queen - the dates are 1330 and 1930. Google translate suggests the text is something on the lines of 'back to the beloved' or 'as you love one another'.

Can you make out the text on the other side better in person? Or try the piece of paper over and rub with a pencil trick.

I'd guess commemorating something. They gave out medalions for allsorts.
It's fascinating, isn't it?!

Trying to work out the 1330 to 1930 (some 600 years) relevance.

Will try the rubbings but it's quite damaged. Some interesting holes which seem to be situated on the back (angel) .
@Bradders ,

NVICEM DILIGATIS = I love you forever or I love you for the rest of my life (VT).

The significance of the roman numerals that translate into 1330 and 1930... Those are not years but scripture references:

13:30 From the Bible: …Calls Us (or Call upon Us) to Live by Faith.

19:30 from Matthew: ... Jesus reminds them marriage was designed by God at creation.

The inscription, scripture references and the King and Queens crowns suggests it's a wedding commemorative coin - probably a gift and quite generic. Those were quite common back in the day and some still use them as wedding gifts.

I have no clue about age and possible monetary value, but If I had to take a guess I would say it was made in the 1900-1930 time frame - but could be a bit earlier.... the value is probably mostly sentimental.

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Awesome work @MichaelJ ! The 1330 and 1930 spot was absolutely remarkable!