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Buying good aquality plants in UK

Several of our sponsors sell good quality plants. The Green Machine sell Tropica plants which, for me, you can't beat for quality. Aqua Essentials and Planted Box both sell Aquafleur plants which are also good quality and worth looking at.
Im my eyes, its aquafleur that actually give the ultimate quality, maybe not quantity of tropica(if you get them from tgm) but aqua essentials and aquafleur are what i prefer to use, plus, its cheaper!
TGM tropica, excellent quality plants!

All my plants in my tanks are form there :thumbup:
I wish that we had the seleciton of plants that AquaFleur offers here in the US. It is particularly difficult to track down swords and crypts other than the usual dozen or so varieties of each that the online vendors offer here.
Aquafluer get my vote too, I've known tropicas plant stock when old and already starting to change to emerse/started to be grown on that they struggle to adapt then fail.
If only AF sold rotalla green then I'd never have to buy tropica again!
Tropica for me. Never had an issue with quality. I've had 50 pots of crypts kept in its transit box for 2 weeks and they were all perfect upon planting. They are generally more expensive that puts some people off.

Aquafleur are excellent value and all the specimens I've had have been good quality. Their Anubias is particularly impressive in size, usually.

My LFS has the two brands together in a decent CO2, filtered and well-lit system, so folk in my area are quite lucky.

Mail-order can be hit and miss unless you stick to these two brands from UKAPS Sponsors. Most other mail-order suppliers rely on imports from the Far East so quality may not be so consistent. This said, I recall Fluid Sensor Online sending us some nice specimens to a UKAPS event last year.

The key to buying from anywhere is to ensure the plants are healthy. This is usually acheived by getting them soon after delivery from the nurseries to the retailer, or getting them grown on nicely in-store i.e. in hydroponic systems.
AF plants for me, never had a problem and as said, half the price of tropica.

Cant beat the customer service from Planted Box, James has been super with my order. Ive been bombarding him with question and queries and hes happily answered them. Top notch. :thumbup: