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Bug hunt

Hi Greenfinger, definitely yes... use them whenever you want.:happy: (This is the closest to a proud smiley I could find)

So, do you reckon my green neons will snack on the hydra?
Hi Mr Teapot, Thank you on the photos :thumbup: As to hydra . I would think so. Have they not started eating them yet ? I think in the early stages of my tank i had these . As soon as i put the fish in tetras i have not seen a thing that moves. If it moves the fish eat it :)
If not then dog wormer is very effective. I used bob martin granules. One sachet mixed in 500ml of water and added 8ml to a 60ltr tank. They all died over night :)

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Didn't wipe all mine out even with an extended dose!! But I like to have some :)

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I had hydra in a shrimp only tank and they multiplied like crazy - I had ramshorns in there.

As soon as I put the powder in they died and did not come back - I believe it also kills planaria.
Thanks for all the excellent hydra solutions. I'm going to give my lazy tetras two weeks to follow their natural instincts and start eating the healthy option rather than the junk food they've obviously got a taste for. If the hydra aren't scoffed within that time, the dog wormer/gastopex is going in (as many snails as I can removed before).

I have to say, It's really amazes me no end what naturally finds a home in our tanks. I'll report any other aliens as soon as they appear.
Tiny white worms but is it harmful, or is it fish food? Another ID please (my guess is nematodes):