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17 Nov 2021
I’m told to use thin bleach to clean my lily pipes and also help get algae stain off of rocks. I’ve looked at Sainsbury’s Tesco’s Marks & Spencer‘s and Waitrose so far and cannot find any of them are selling thin bleach even their own brands are described as thick bleach. It’s thin bleach no longer available and in which case what should I use as its replacement please.

Morrisons and asda sell thin bleach. I've been buying asdas for a while and it's marked up as Savers thin bleach.
I would only use bleach on the lily's though, a toothbrush is good for the rocks.
Tesco(and the other two mentioned above)
has thin own brand bleach.
Do not use the thick or scented stuff.
If you can't get that Easycarbo (other glut brands)will do the trick for killing algae on rocks or equipment but is more costly .I use thin bleach for cleaning Purigen and equipment but hardcape or anything that can soak the bleach I always clean with Easycarbo and a tooth brush or just let them dry out for few weeks if I can.
Regards Konstantin
And after the bleach soak the pipes in a bucket with water and dechlorinator, like Tetra aquasafe
I always use thick bleach as that's what is commonly available and I've never noticed any lesser cleaning abilities. It would be interesting to know why thin is preferable.
Yeah, I gave up trying to find thin bleach locally, I will have to add some to my next online asda order, but I am currently using thick bleach.

Thin is recommended as it is just plain bleach, the thick stuff has things added to make it thick.
Thick bleach has a gel added to make it stick to surfaces better. They are identical chemically. I would go for thick to adhere to your pipes better.
Thin bleach is usually just bleach. This makes it easier to wash off after you have finished cleaning which is why it is recommended.

Thick bleach, as mentioned above, has additives to make it "work" better, "stick" better and smell "better", none of which is required in an aquarium. It is the extra chemicals you are trying to avoid so to speak.

Thin bleach is also a lot cheaper, probably why you can't find it in Waitrose and Marks and Spencer.