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Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2017


14 Sep 2013

We would like to invite you to take part in Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2017!
Prize pool:
€ 3,000 + diplomas + certificates + magazine
Accepting entries: September 1st – 30th
Evaluating entries: October 11st – 31st
Results: December 1st

This year all contestants should provide a video of their biotope aquaria.

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We promise it's going to be exciting!

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Embarrassed :oops:.

Don't be.. :) You did a nice job from imagination and looking at pics only.. That it can't compair to a scape from somebody recreating a biotope he's living on top off is nothing to embarrassed about. How can you create a biotope and pinpoint it on the map if you've never been there and never seen it with your own eyes.
Neil, your aquarium is really good. There is nothing in it to be embarrassed. Moreover, your aquarium look like a nature biotope, because there are three fish species in it. They make a beautiful community taking their own niche. In most rivers and lakes in nature there are many species, and recreating a biotope with only one species is not quite correct, except for the cases when only one species lives in a waterbody. Yes, choosing a biotope with only one species is allowed, but such aquaria usually look pretty dull, don't they?
Thanks for your kind words Musyupick ;).
I do feel my photography let the tank down,but the quality of some of the other tanks is amazing :eek:.
It is my first year trying biotopes,so still a lot to learn :).
The organizers and the jury members evaluated all the entries using special criteria and now you can see the results.
Very soon we will publish points for each criterion, as well as comments of the jury members to some entries. Follow the page update.
Congratulations to all the participants with a great result!