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Best way to block out T5 bulbs?


5 Sep 2016
Hey everyone,

I'm currently running 2 x 54w T5 bulbs over my 120cm (350L) scape because although 4 bulbs gave me great results, it also gave me algae. Because of the way the light unit is built, I can only have 2 bulbs or 4. However, using two bulbs means that the light unit sits in the centre and the light spread isn't the best. The plants in the background and foreground are struggling a bit.

My thoughts were to put the second light unit back on so there's 4 bulbs but cover up 2 of the bulbs. This way there would be better spread, but I'm unsure what to use to cover up the bulbs.

I've seen people recommend electric and gaffa tape but there's concerns as to whether that is fire resistant? The lights do get very hot. Reflectors are another option but that means getting blinded every time I look into the tank.

Hopefully this all makes sense... I've included a picture so you can see what I mean.


Picture 1: Enough light intensity but poor spread.


Picture 2: Good spread but too much intensity (2 bulbs would need covering).