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Been A While!

27 Oct 2009
Hello all, as above, been out the game for a while. Life stuff happened, but in the meantime I managed to keep a low tech running and filled my time with house plants which take far less maintenance! Just starting to get back into it and looking where I go from here regarding a new set up. Looking to combine low tech set-up and my new passion of houseplants with low temp fish. {Excluding cold-water}

So far got the stalwarts going on in the tank, Pothos and Peace Lilly. Looking for something interesting I can easily lay my hands on - hopefully with some colour. Was toying with monstera adansonii just because of the variation of the leaf but feel like it may get out of hand size-wise.

Any recommendations that stay small with colour?
Welcome back!
I purchased a few cuttings of this plant below!
This could be a better choice!
Hi Nelson. good to see a familiar face! Thought I was going to find loads of ppl re-inventing the wheel. 😀 Strangely enough my time away from the forum has taught me more about plants than I'll ever know. Mainly what they don't need and that's lots of attention!
That's a lovely looking plant and reasonably priced. I've been trying to square up my existing tank using those plastic hang on baskets with lava stone and clay balls in you can get these days.
Hopefully the goal being to somehow grow those plants on to create something with less plastic that I can blend together in a more natural way with the equipment I have gathering dust in my garage of which there are a lots!
+1 vote for Syngoniums, there are a few different colour forms.
Tradescantia (zebrina is the only one I've tried) is another one that grows well and has a lot of colour.
Regarding the pots hat you secure them in. I made some clips that hold the plant in place that allow the roots to grow freely. When I moved house I was lazy and didn't re-attach the clips so now the plants are resting on the spray bar, which is annoying when doing maintenance but still more natural looking then when I was using hang-on pots. I took some photos of the clips.
Thanks, I'll look at the different forms. @ScareCrow just been checking out your tank :thumbup: Out of curiosity, I notice there's a Tradescantia there "Wandering Jew", I have one of those, is that growing in the tank or beside it?
I've been using these planters which are relatively cheap.


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It's growing out of the tank. I find that it takes a while to adapt initially. Often some of the stem will rot but eventually it finds its feet and gets going.
If you already have it as a house plant, I'd suggest getting a rooted section and adding that. Water cuttings of tradescantia don't seem to do well for me, others seem to have success with them though.