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Bare or sand? And messy cories


29 Dec 2008
Yorkshire - Gods own county
I have 4 breeder tanks, two have a thin layer of black limpopo sand. Two are bare bottom. The aforementioned sand is good as the fry are invisible against it, decreasing predation. The other two bare tanks look messy, one that has least detritus on it has built up a biofilm on the bottom. I keep changing my mind, do I like easy clean more than sand that disguises fry. I cant decide. I have more fry in one of the sand tanks. Do you think bare or sand is best for breeder tanks?

Also, I have tropica substrate covered with black limpopo sand and my cories keep diving down and digging, bringing the messy buff coloured substrate to top. Does this mean my cap isn't thick enough?
I’d always go for a thin layer of sand, some moss and some other plants to make them feel secure and give them somewhere to spawn. This is my corydoras tukano breeding tank as an example, excuse the reflection but you get the idea.



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