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Banded panchax advice


19 Feb 2011
I went to Maidenhead Aquatics in Ramsgate today and came away with 5 banded panchax. I'd never heard of them before so had a word with one of the guys in the store. Told him about my tank ie water parameters, inhabitants etc and was assured that they would be okay. I've been looking online while they acclimatise and everything is saying that they like soft water with a pH of no more than 7.5. My water is quite hard out (GH about 19) and a pH of about 8 out of the tap. In the planted tank - their intended home - pH drops to about 7.3 with the CO2 but rises at night. Does anyone have any experience with these fish? Do you think they will adjust? I don't normally buy fish without checking first but its quite a drive so I gave in to temptation, now I'm wondering if I've doomed the poor little blighters! :(

Yep, also known as clown killies :( I don't think I'll see them much as they're in 180l but maybe they'll be okay. Just have to wait and see I guess. Thanks for replying Tim :)

Have you got covering plants at the top of the tank?

I had four rocket pancnax a couple of years ago. They seemed quite happy amongst the plant at the top of the tank (PH of 7.5+ and hard water). I then made the mistake of cutting back some of there cover and unfortunately lost all four in the space of three weeks. I'm convinced it was removing the plants that caused it. :(
Yeah theres lots of plant cover at the top, especially to the sides. Its not looking hopeful though - I've only seen two today but one was swimming upside down :(