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At the river side (25 liters of Ryuboku)


6 Nov 2008
Budapest, Hungary
Hey England, UKAPS hello!

Levine'm from Hungary, an enthusiastic aquascaper. Keymaker highly recommended for this site, and so many viewers, reading. I thought that the nano akváriumomat roamer here to give me an opinion about it. At home I got a pretty good assessment, but I am interested in a truly unbiased public opinion known as well. Heard a lot about your country's famous aquascapers and I hope they will also comment. I'm glad to be here!


Front view


Latest front view


Latest side view


Hyphessobrycon amandae


Crystal red mom

My blog: http://levinen.blogspot.com/
hi and welcome :D .
tank looks great.plants really healthy.any chance of some more stats.lighting,ferts,substrate etc.
i love it, the side view holds my attention for longer. both front and side views work well.

maybe, it could work almost as a corner tank?.....

maybe there is room for more plants in the foreground of the front view, but all in all a nice set up :D

peliea looks good
Love it , love it, love it.

Exactly the vibrant style of tank I like :)

Welcome to UKaps

Thank you for the welcome! ;) I will soon write to the parameters of the aquarium, but now I have to go.
Hi Victor and Keymaker here too! :D

A lovely aquascape!

It is visually very striking with a lot of cantrast in the plant texture. It made me stop to explore all the detail - plus you have crystal red shrimp in there too! :D

Tonser said:
Hi Levine'm, and welcome to Ukaps :D

This is a lovely looking tank - great colours in there. What is the plant in the picture of the Ember Tetras, I love the shape of the leaves ? Is that pellia ?



Hi Tonser

Thank you for welcome! Yes, the Pellia, or the official name, Monosolenium tenerum. This is one of my favorite plants. ;)
Hello and welcome! This aquascape looks great, there's amazing contrast there and it looks natural as a result, which I always like - nice one. ;)
Hello again! Here are the details of the aquarium.

Start date: 2009.01.29.

Tank: 40x25x25 (25l)

Lighting: DIY with 1x24w Dulux L Daylight (5400K) Osram

Filtration: Eheim 2211 (300l/h) ceramic rings

Substrate: basalt and quartz sand, JBL AquaBasis plus

Fertilizer: KNo3, K2So4, KH2Po4, Micro+, carbo

Co2: 2 kg cylinder, Dennerle regulator, glass diffuser and counter

Water parameters: Gh: 7 Kh: 6, Ph: 6,8-7, Po4: 0,8, No3: 3, Fe: 0,1

Dekorations: Savanna wood, basalt stones

6 x Hyphessobrycon amandae
3 x Otocinclus affinis
4 x Caridina japonica
5 x Crystal red garnéla (CRS)
2 x Crystal black (CBS)

-Microsorium pteropus var. Narrow
-Monosolenium tenerum
-Pogostemon helferi
-Cryptoryne wendtii "Tropica"
-Vesicularia dubiana
-Bolbitis heudelotii
-Eleocharis parvula