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are these choices ok?


27 Apr 2010
after a badly failed high tech i shyed away from all things planted , but having just picked up a used roma 240 ive decided to have another crack but not high tech . low light using the romas standard lighting of 2x40w t8 , neutro co2 and neutro+ along with APF substrate capsules
oops forgot to add the chosen plant list !! aponogeton ulvaceus aponogeton capruoni echinodorus bleheri ceratophyllum dimersum microsorum pteropus anubias barteri anubias nana crypt wendti brown crypt undulatus brown
I've used the neutro range for a couple of months. Worked really well. You will need the brown one if your not feeding pressurised co2. Your plant list should do well too. The crypts might melt if you get swings in your conditions but should grow back ok. Just don't slack on the water changes or you may get algae.
i was worried about crypts melting . they did when i tried a co2 injected setup last year . water changes arent a problem , planted or otherwise ive always dine 50% weekly faithful . opted for crypts as they seem to be considered a beginner plant
Ime crypts only melt when some nutrient is low. When you transplant them they can be delicate because the root system hasnt been stablished yet but if the water column is loaded with nutrients I havnt seen any melting.
still not watched it yet but will do later . thinking i may swapm1 of the crypts for hydrocortyle leucocophala. a plant i really like