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Anyone use Seachem safe in a smaller tank?


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19 Feb 2010
Hi everyone.
More questions I’m afraid. Please be patient with me. I feel like I’m starting again

I used to use Seachem Prime in my 520l tank. When I was running it with EI and big water changes Prime became an expensive option as it was only available online so I moved to a pond dechlorinator against the advice of our LFS

Now I have a 120l tank I need an aquarium product again. I don’t drive so need something cost effective to buy larger quantities and store.

I think seachem safe fits the bill. I’ll only need a pinch at a time. (I have tiny measuring spoons so will use a more exact measurement)

I assume it is a dry equivalent of prime so less environmental impact than paying for lots of plastic bottles and water to be delivered

Would like to know your opinions please

Thanks in advance